We are Strong Together

Revv Worldwide – a Company with a purpose you can feel good about!

No one is more concerned about giving back than Revv Founder Scotty Paulson. Over the last 20 years he has given countless thousands of people the gift of better health and financial freedom. With Revv it was Scotty’s mission that a corporate effort be made to reduce environmental impact on rain forests all the way to our own back yards.

Here are some things you can “Feel Good” about each time you tear open a Revv Vitality drink or use one of our other fantastic products.

  • Instead of using sophisticated packaging equipment to count and pack our boxes Scotty chose a company in his community that puts disabled Americans to work. Each Vitality stick is hand inspected for leaks or defects, counted and packed by these wonderful Americans. Sure, it costs more to do it that way but when asked why Scotty replied “walking the production floor and seeing all their smiling faces is priceless!” Over 5 million Vitality sticks hand inspected to date.

  • Scotty chose the Floravida Institute when in Brazil to give back to the people and communities of Brazil. A portion of every sale goes to this wonderful foundation. Floravida Instituto

  • Our corporate office uses energy efficient heating, air conditioning and lighting

  • Our manufacturing plant creates most of its own power through a state of the art solar panel system.

  • Each package we ship is made up of recycled boxes, recycled packing paper and corn start packing peanuts

Each time you reach for a Revv product know that you are indirectly helping us give back!