We are Strong Together

Experience COUNTS!

Running a business – operations, corporate staffing and training, support, engineering, logistics, product development, payroll, legal, taxes, and handling an endless stream of problems – takes experience!

Scotty Paulson, Revvnrg Worldwide, Inc. Founder and CEO, has that experience and more!

He was first introduced to the Network Marketing Industry, while working as a VP of Operations for a traditional brick and mortar technologies company.

It didn't take Scotty long to learn about the limitations corporate positions had. The role consumed incredible amounts of time and his path up the ladder was blocked by several people who had simply started before him.

With this in mind, Scotty started his career in network marketing. With a few years of successful team building in a popular nutritional company, Scotty set his ambitions on starting his own network marketing company.

Very soon after launching his first network marketing company - Changes International - Scotty was setting records for top 100 fastest growing, privately held companies in the US.

Scotty was paying out millions of dollars to distributors based on his forward thinking compensation plan. This new idea in compensation plans allowed new and inexperienced distributors to get into profit quickly. This allowed the experienced builders to grow deeper and more stable organizations that led to huge earnings.

After taking Changes International to the top, Scotty sold it to a Fortune 500 company and took some time off to spend with his family.

It wasn't long, before Scotty needed to get back into the business. Helping people achieve their dreams was still a very strong driving force in his life.

Scotty partnered with an established networking company to help turn the business to profit. Through a series of sweeping changes to the compensation and incentive plan, the company was back on track within a year. Scotty co-founded a spinoff company, Fruta Vida, with a single product focus. As a consequence of building a talented team of networking professionals, the company experienced record growth from the onset! Scotty once again put a compensation plan together that focused on allowing even non-experienced, business minded people a chance to earn income quickly.

With the task of revitalizing the company and creating a successful environment for network marketers to thrive completely, Scotty turned his sights onto a long-term goal. Scotty contemplated establishing a business of his own from the ground up.

With a great deal of research into current marketplace, consumer trends, new research, new technologies, etc., Scotty's goal started to take shape. Having been built on everything Scotty Paulson has learned through many years of hands-on executive management and analysis of what did and didn't work in the industry, Revvnrg Worldwide was born!