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The Açaí berry, a native of the Brazilian Rainforest, is a very special, little, purple berry that has a delicious, slightly tart, berry flavor with a hint of chocolate. Açaí has been a regular part the Brazilian people’s diet for centuries. The recorded history of Açaí goes back over 200 years and in that time there have been no adverse effects associated with its consumption.

Despite its small size (about 1 inch in diameter), it has been tied to amazing health benefits. Indigenous people have used Açaí as a basic food source, a topical ointment, and as a medicine for dealing with chronic illnesses. By adding Açaí to your diet, you can also experience a wide range of health benefits, including favorable responses to bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, free radicals, in?ammation, and allergens.

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Top 5 reasons to add Açaí to your diet:

  • promotes healthy skin tone: youthful, healthier-looking skin
  • improves circulation, especially to the extremities
  • boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite
  • increases energy and vitality
  • has powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Some rather remarkable stories of Açaí‘s nutritional potency, after prolonged use, has led many experts to call this fruit the "top super food on earth!" and the "#1 food you-may-not-have-heard-of-but-NEED-to-be-eating."

Açaí has undergone numerous scientific studies in hopes to identify the particular proprieties responsible for the amazing results it produces. One such study was performed by the University of Florida in 2006. Their extensive research showed that Açaí berry extracts could effectively kill cancer cells.

There is ongoing research on Açaí‘s antioxidant activity. Theoretically, that activity may help prevent diseases, such as heart disease, which is caused in part by oxidative stress.

Key attributes of Açaí:

  • is comprised of polyphenol antioxidants (over 50 known antioxidants) that help combat premature aging, with 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes
  • contains 10 to 30 times the anthocyanins of red wine.
  • is rich in healthy Omega fats (Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9).
  • has an almost perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration
  • includes an excellent source of Plant Sterols - B-sitosterol, campesterol and sigmasterol. (Plant sterols have been shown to have cholesterol-lowering properties in the human body.)
  • embodies Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E
  • has an abundant source of anthocyanins and flavonoids
  • contains potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc

Brazilian athletes have known about this fruit for decades and have used it as their secret weapon to dominate in surfing and martial arts tournaments. If it helps these athletes have enough energy to make it through a grueling competition, it can certainly help you make it through your 9-5 work day!

The regular consumption of the Açaí berry can help you both gain and reap many health benefits.