We are Strong Together


Every day begins with drinking REVVNRG, but mostly I love this product because it has given me all the energy I need to keep up with my daughters and helps me feel young! Thank you!!!
As a single mom of 4 beautiful teenage daughters, REVVNRG has become a staple in our home. The vitamins have become essential in helping our stress levels and hormone balance.
~ Lisa B.

I have lost 15 lbs. just drinking REV not changing anything else, but the thing I have loved the most about it is how it helps my knees. I am getting arthritis in my knees and when I drink REVV they don’t ache when I’m on my feet all day.
I have 5 kids with asthma and I have at least one in the hospital through winter. But this last winter they were hardly sick. They missed fewer days of school last year drinking rev then they ever have. It seriously boost their immune system. Zero hospital stays!!! ~ Linette W.

I love REVV! When I drink it my friend can tell because I’m in such an excited mood. I find myself cleaning my house without realizing I have energy.
Its mellow energy and it helped me lose 15 lbs. I love immune because it works! When I feel sick I drink it and feel better.
I love having REVV by my bed so I don’t have to get up to wake up!
~ Patricia O.

REVV has helped my life in so many ways. One being weight loss of 21 pounds. But my favorite part about Revv is the mind stability it give me, it just makes me happier, feel more awake and just makes my day so much better if I have my REVV.
~ Cody P.

The first time I tried REVVNRG, my dad Kimo Brown, gave me a stick of REVV and an 8oz bottle and told me to “Shake it and take it”. We were going out to surf up in North shore, Haleiwa. We paddled out into 4-6 ft. perfect surf and I was focused, engaged, and surfed with a calm and clean energy that I’d never felt before. Now one year and ten months later, I’m the fittest and most energized I’ve ever been… more that my twenties!!
To the point: REVVNRG makes me surf better! REVVNRG also allows me to promote a clean and healthy lifestyle and to help others realize their goals and ambitions! REVVNRG is my life! I’m a product of REVVNRG… I’m a product of the product… and it shows! Mahalo,
~ Keeson B.

REVVNRG has helped me put my life together, and keep it together. It has made me healthier by equaling out my blood sugar levels that I was having problems with. I have also lost over 40 lbs. this year with the help of REVVNRG. From the energy it gave me, the mood boosting nutrients, and the healthy appetite suppressants it has helped me feel good about myself again and feel well all around. Nothing is better, I need my REVVNRG every day!
~ Tisha P.

Right now (8/11/12) I am 7-8 months pregnant and I have been drinking REVV every single day. Every time I go to the doctor’s I am told how amazing my blood pressure is. I have had a very healthy pregnancy and have a very healthy baby.
REVVNRG Classic taste is amazing, keeps me focused, and gives me the energy I need (especially while pregnant) to get things done and have a successful day!
~ Tara C.

I love the product Immune it is my favorite. I use to get sick often and couldn’t figure out why. I used to have a cold or the flu every two weeks and always tired.
REVVNRG has changed my life. I’m never sick and full of energy, to take care of my kids and be able to do outside activities with them. I love the fact that it’s inexpensive and has saved me money and time and the enjoyment of spending time with my family.
~ Carissa L.

I started using REVVNRG 3 years ago to replace a product that I was spending $45 a week on. I have had back issues for over 20 years and nothing has benefitted me more that the natural ingredients in REVVNRG.
I have lost about 50 lbs. over 3 years, in better health and feeling great. I can only attribute all of this to REVVNRG!!!
~ Tony T.

When I was 18, I constantly drank soda and energy drinks. I had weight problems and health issues related to my weight. Since I started drinking REVV I have lost 41 pounds and will continue with it.
~ Kim S.

When I first started drinking REVVNRG I lost 8 lbs. in one short month. The product was convenient and found myself drinking REVVNRG most of the day. The taste was amazing and I felt alert, energized, and healthy. I had to start drinking less because I was trying to gain weight for a body building show. Once I began my cutting phase 4 months out from the show.
I started drinking more REVVNRG to help me burn fat faster, and lose weight. REVVNRG is my drink of choice, and will never stop drinking it on a daily basis.
~ Derek B.

The first time I tried REVVNRG, I was hooked. I felt an instant boost of energy throughout my whole body. It made me less hungry throughout the day and helped me cut out cravings also!
Ever since I’ve been taking this wonderful product we call REVVNRG I was able to drop 35 lbs. in 4 months! I went from a weighing a depressing 230 lbs. to a clean and happy 195 lbs. This product is the real deal!
~ Byron A.

When I initially tried REVVNRG, I didn’t like the taste. I honestly had a hard time finishing it all. But then I realized how great I felt and not just for a few hours but the entire day!
I wasn’t tired at my normal 2 pm in the afternoon I got so much done that day that the next day I tried it again and eventually grew to love the taste and the energy I felt on top of all the extra energy I had I started to lose some weight as well, then I was HOOKED!
~ Susana R.

REVVNRG has brought a lot more value to me than just giving me the all-natural energy, REVVNRG gives me that positive motivation that leads to my workouts, which then allowed me the assistance of the weight I have lost (20lbs.). REVVNRG give me a very happy positive attitude that radiates to the individuals around me and that is when I get the honor to share what has given me so many benefits from mentally, physically, and financially.
~ Megan M.

I am a professional DJ/Entertainer. I am used to going 12-18 hours a day from one event to the next I would drink 3-4 energy drinks in addition to 5 hour energy shots. I would be able to maintain my active lifestyle but I would always crash and crash hard.
REVVNRG has replaced all of the energy drinks that I used to drink. It tastes great, is cheaper than what is in stores, and I haven’t ever experienced a crash.
~ Tyler H.

It woke me up and gave me clarity I needed for a 6 hour drive right after 8 hours of working and kept me at my healthy weight of 165 and keep me from going weight back also I had boxes in my car for on the go REVV to hand out or drink myself it is utterly amazing!
~ Jordan B.

RevvNRG really did accomplish everything that I was told it would do. I love the taste, I feel happier, I lost 15 lbs. in 4 months without changing my diet or exercising more. Plus, I save money each month because the product is cheap and I don’t buy any other energy products anymore!
~ Harrison L.

I started drinking REVVNRG about 2 years ago. My first time I didn’t really feel the energy the way that I thought I would. I was expecting a rush, and what I’ve noticed was prolong energy, I had to make the choice to sleep. I felt good, happy and then happier when after a few short months I had lost 37 lbs. I love REVVNG!!!
~ Victor S.