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Running a business – operations, corporate staffing and training, support, engineering, logistics, product development, payroll, legal, taxes, and handling an endless stream of problems – takes experience!

Scotty Paulson, Revv Worldwide, Inc. Founder and CEO, has that experience and more!

Scotty was first introduced to the Network Marketing Industry, while working as a VP of Operations for a traditional brick and mortar technologies company.

It didn't take Scotty long to learn about the limitations corporate positions had. The role consumed incredible amounts of time and his path up the ladder was blocked by several people who had simply started before him.

With this in mind, Scotty quit that job and started his career in network marketing. Here is his amazing and heartwarming story; (source www.scottypaulson.com)

In 1995 Scotty Paulson forever changed the network marketing industry with the very first compressed pay plan. For the first time in networking history Scotty enabled the little guy to break even or make money their very first month in business. This was a radical concept considering it was common in the industry at that time for promoters to tell prospects not to expect success overnight, and that it would take several months to a year to see profits.

Scotty went on to prove if you pay the little guy and get him into profit early then they don’t quit before they have a chance to succeed. More little guys making money meant less people quitting, which in turn meant larger checks for the professional networker.

Scotty Paulson When Scotty looked to build his first network marketing company, he didn't have a lot to work with. He started out with a $10,000 investment working out of a spare bedroom with an idea, a lot of guts and ZERO company ownership experience. His peers shunned him as a soon-to-be failure which only served to fuel his passion. Three years and 250,000 distributors later, Scotty had cemented his place in network marketing history.

This is the stuff that rings of a true American success story. Scotty is living proof that an inventive spirit, the courage of one’s convictions and pure determination are the ingredients of a great company.

After building a tremendously successful business, Scotty consolidated Changes International into a fortune 500 nutritional company and remained on the board as CEO. A year later he resigned his position to spend more time with his wife and 3 daughters. For three years, the days were filled with golfing, fishing and family vacations. For most people, this would be all they would ever want, but Scotty knew the time had come to get back to work. The simple drive to build a company and provide a means for thousands of people to improve their lives was not to be suppressed.

So in 2002, Scotty came out of early retirement to co-found Pro Image International. Once again Scotty brought his desire to help the inexperienced network marketer find success early while creating a means for professionals to build substantial residual income. Creating an even stronger version of his compressed pay plan, new cutting edge liquid vitamin product formulas and creating an environment of success, Scotty Paulson once again stood at the top of the industry’s most influential leaders.

He then launched a new division of Pro Image called Fruta Vida International in January of 2005. As the news spread that Scotty had created this rapid growth functional health beverage, the new division’s sales sky rocketed to $10 million dollars in its first year. In 2007 due to a personal conflict between Scotty and his partner, he resigned as Founder of Pro Image/Fruta Vida and semi-retired.

After being out of the game for quite some time Scotty launched his newest venture, fashioned after his first company, in January of 2014.

To date, Scotty's nutritional formulas have sold in excess of $400 million dollars and his companies have paid out over $200 million dollars in commissions to its distributors.

Scotty Paulson


  1. Family: wife Susann, daughters Danielle, Brittney and Courtney.

  2. Hobbies: Loves golfing, fishing and taking family vacations.

  3. Charitable Work: Helped raise $1.5 million dollars to create a Children’s Advocacy Center for abused children in his community. Once abuse is suspected and the children are removed from the parents or guardians charge, the Children's Advocacy Center cares for these children at the Center while their case is being processed. This provides for a much less traumatic experience of being shuffled from foster home to foster home. It is a warm and fun place that helps to take their minds off being separated from their parents. The Center staffs kind and friendly counselors that tend to the children on a one-on-one basis. The total project cost was $2.5 million dollars; one million of which came from volunteer labor and donated construction materials. The Children's Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization and relies primarily on donations.

  4. 1984 to 1992: King Technology - Vice President of Operations. The dream of being able to live his life to the fullest motivated him to start as a part time networker with NuSkin 1990 to 1992.

  5. 1994 Full time Networker: - Nutrition for Life / Enrich International 1994

  6. 1995 Founder Changes International: – Created a network marketing company

  7. 1997: Changes International is rated one of the top 100 fastest growing, privately held companies in America.

  8. 1998: Consolidated Changes International into a Fortune 500 nutritional company and remained on the board as CEO.

  9. 1998: Was inducted as a lifetime member into the exclusive “Who’s Who in America” for personal and professional achievements

  10. 1999 to 2001: Semi- Retirement

  11. 2002: Co-founded Pro Image International

  12. 2005: Co-founded a new division and product called Fruta Vida.

  13. 2007: Semi-retired

  14. 2014: Launched Revv Worldwide, Inc. with a Revved up version of his Fruta Vida formula called Cheia Vida and a line of vitality drinks. Chose the Flora Vida Foundation in Brazil to give back to the Amazon rainforest!

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